Claris Voyageur - Ward 2 Claris Voyageur is a lifelong resident of Fort Chipewyan and is proud to serve her community as a Councillor for Ward 2. Born and raised in Fort Chipewyan, Claris is a mother and grandmother with a long history of community service, both in her career and as a volunteer. As the manager of Ayabaskaw Seniors Home for almost three decades, Claris knows the needs and demands of her community firsthand and has built strong relationships with the Province of Alberta. Claris also serves as the Chair of the Athabasca Delta Committee on the local advisory board for the Northland School Division and has been a member of the Fort Chipewyan Volunteer Fire Department for more than 20 years, where she currently serves as Deputy Chief. Claris is champion of “fair and equal” representation for Ward 2 residents in Fort Chipewyan, Fort Fitzgerald and Fort McKay. Contact Councillor Voyageur E: