1. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. In-Camera Session (Commencing at 3:00 p.m.)
Reconvene in public
3. Adoption of Agenda (Public Session at 4:00 p.m.)
1. Motion to Approve Agenda
4. Minutes of Previous Meetings
1. Minutes of Jun 22, 2021 12:00 PM
5. Presentations
1. Kelly Hansen, Director, Strategic Planning and Program Management re: Economic Recovery
a. Economic Recovery Presentation
6. Unfinished Business
1. Bylaw No. 21/012 - Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Combative Sports Commission Bylaw
documentReport Printout
a. 1. Bylaw 21/012 - Combative Sports Commission Bylaw
b. 2. Bylaw 13/019 Combative Sports Commission Bylaw
c. Combative Sports Commission Presentation
3rd reading
Written Submission - Bylaw No. 21/012 - Combative Sports Commission
a. Written Submission Cover Page
2. Bylaw No. 21/014 - Amendment to the Backyard Hen Bylaw No. 21/006
documentReport Printout
a. 1. Bylaw No. 21/014 - Backyard Hen Bylaw No. 21/006 Amendment
b. 2. Keeping of Animals in the RMWB
3rd reading
3. Active Flood Mitigation – Potential Ice-Destabilization
documentReport Printout
4. Social Procurement (Supply Chain Management)
documentReport Printout
a. Social Procurement Presentation
Supplemental motion
7. New Business
1. 344 Beacon Hill Drive Tax Refund Request
documentReport Printout
Registered Delegate: Angela Maag
a. Registered Delegate Cover Page
2. Investment Policy Change - Provincial Exemption
documentReport Printout
8. Councillors' Motions
1. Tax Forgiveness – Sanatan Mandir Cultural Society of Fort McMurray (Councillor V. Murphy)
documentReport Printout
2. Damaged and Unsightly Utility Boxes (Mayor D. Scott)
documentReport Printout
3. Tax Exemption - Family Christian Centre (Mayor D. Scott)
4. Letter of Support - Lytton BC (Councillor M. Allen)
9. Councillor Reporting/Information Updates