1. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. In-Camera Session (commencing at 2:30 p.m.)
Close items to public
Reconvene in public
3. Adoption of Agenda (Public Session at 4:00 p.m.)
1. Motion to Approve Agenda
4. Consent Agenda
1. Minutes of Mar 23, 2021 12:00 PM
2. Council Appointed Advisory Board/Committee Meeting Minutes
documentReport Printout
a. 1. 2021-01-14 Advisory Committee on Aging Minutes
b. 2. 2021-01-20 Public Art Committee Minutes
c. 3. 2021-01-21 Public Art Committee Minutes
d. 4. 2021-01-27 Regional Advisory Committee on Inclusion Diversity and Equality Minutes
e. 5. 2021-02-03 Wood Buffalo Development Advisory Committee Minutes
f. 6. 2021-02-03 Wood Buffalo Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee Minutes
g. 7. 2021-02-04 Community Standards Appeal Committee Minutes
h. 8. 2021-02-10 Public Art Committee Minutes
i. 9. 2021-02-11 Advisory Committee on Aging Minutes
j. 10. 2021-02-17 Regional Advisory Committee on Inclusion Diversity and Equality Minutes
k. 11. 2021-02-17 Wood Buffalo Waterfront Advisory Committee Minutes
l. 12. 2021-02-25 Communities in Bloom Committee Minutes
m. 13. 2021-02-26 Special Public Art Committee Minutes
5. Recognition
1. Proclamations Commencement of Ramadan 2021 Animal Abuse Prevention Day
a. 2021 04 14 The Beginning of Ramadan 2021
b. 2021 04 25 Animal Abuse Prevention Day Proclamation
6. Presentations
1. Jamie Doyle, Chief Administrative Officer, re: COVID-19 Public Briefing (Verbal)
2. Matthew Hough, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, re: Flood Preparedness Briefing (Verbal)
7. Unfinished Business
1. Downtown Revitalization Incentives Program (2021) - Phase 2
documentReport Printout
a. 1. Subject Area Map of Downtown
b. 2. Downtown Revitalization Incentives Program Policy (FIN 320) - Phase 2
c. 3. Downtown Revitalization Incentives Program - Phase 2 - Administrative Procedure
d. PowerPoint Presentation - DRIP Phase 2
Motion to amend
Motion to amend re Murals Grant
Motion as amended
Supplemental motion
Written Submissions re: Downtown Revitalization Incentive Program Policy (FIN320)
a. Written Submissions updated
8. New Business
1. 2020 Audited Consolidated Financial Statement
documentReport Printout
a. 1. 2020 Consolidated Audit Financial Statements
b. 2. FMWBEDT 2020 Financial Presentation
c. 3. WBHD 2020 Financial Presentation
d. 4. WBRL 2020 Financial Presentation
e. 5. RRC 2020 Financial Presentation
f. 6. RMWB 2020 Non-Consolidated Financial Statements Presentation
g. 7. 2020 Year End Auditor's Communication Report
2. 2021 Community Impact Grant Allocations - Fort McMurray Golf Club
documentReport Printout
a. 1. 2021 Community Capital Grant-Summary of Funding Request Recommendation and Applicant Submission
b. 2. 2021 Community Impact Grant-New Event-Summary of Funding Request Recommendation and Applicant Submission
Motion re flood repairs
Motion re Championship
3. The McMurray Métis Cultural Centre Development Permit
documentReport Printout
a. 1. Development Permit 2020-DP-00522 with Advisory Notes & Conditions
b. 2. DC-MI Direct Control MacDonald Island District Land Use Bylaw Regulations
c. 3. McMurray Metis Cultural Centre Development Permit Drawings
d. Development Permit Council Presentation: Plans and Renderings
4. Moccasin Flats Memorial
documentReport Printout
a. 1. The Moccasin Flats Evictions; Métis Home, Forced Relocation, and Resilience in Fort McMurray, Alberta
b. 2. McMurray Métis Letter and Attachments - March 29 2021
Registered Delegate re Moccasin Flats Memorial
a. Registered Delegate
5. Impact of Disaster Recovery Program Policy Changes on Flood Recovery and Resilience
documentReport Printout
a. 1. Improving Community Resilience: 2020 Overland Flood Considerations in the RMWB, July 2020
b. 2. Disaster Recovery Program Changes, February 2021
c. 3. Alberta Private Sector Disaster Assistance Guidelines, February 2021
d. 4. Alberta Public Sector Disaster Assistance Guidelines, February 2021
e. 5. Letter to Premier Kenney regarding Disaster Recovery Program Policy Changes, March 2021
9. Councillors' Motions
1. Land Disposition (Councillor J. Peddle)
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2. For-Profit Leasing (Councillor J. Peddle)
documentReport Printout
3. Red Tape Reduction Plan (Mayor D. Scott)
documentReport Printout
4. Social Procurement and Supply Chain Management (Mayor D. Scott)
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10. Councillor Reporting/Information Updates