1. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Presentations
1. ATC Rebuilding Resilient Indigenous Communities
a. RFP Covering Page Athabasca Tribal Council
b. Rebuilding Resilient Indigenous Communities (Final Presentation)
2. Resilient Communities
a. Resilient Indigenous Communities
3. New Business
1. IAFF Local 2494 Collective Bargaining
documentReport Printout
2. Council Policy Review
documentReport Printout
a. 1. Policy Review
b. 2. Local Improvement Policy SER-040
c. 3. Hosting Policy PRL-030
d. 4. City Signature Policy ADM-130
e. 5. Document Preparation Policy ADM-120
f. 6. Equipment and Dump Truck Rentals Policy PUR-070
g. 7. Budget Transfer Appropriation Policy FIN-060
h. 8. Volunteer Policy PRL-080
i. 9. Alliance Policy PRL-140
j. 10. Land Acquisition Policy ADM-250
k. 11. Attendance at Political Fundraising Events and Other Events Policy LEG-180
l. 12. Taxable Benefits Policy FIN-250
Council Policy Review
documentReport Printout
Council Policy Review
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3. Committee Appointments
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a. 1. Council Committee Appointments