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Jun 9, 2021 1:00 PM  Advisory Committee on Aging Meeting

The Committee members expressed thanks to Administration and Legislative Services for their dedication.

Legislative Services confirmed that the Amendment to Committee’s Bylaw 17/024 was adopted by Council at their June 8, 2021 meeting and that the amendments are effective immediately. It was noted that the next steps would be an update to the Committees’ Skills Matrix which will be carried out over the summer months. Following that, recruitment will be carried out during the Fall Annual Recruitment campaign for 2021 at which time the Skills Matrix will be relied on to fill any vacancies and appointments will be made for terms starting January 2022.

Carolyn Evancio, Committee Member, gave an overview on Seniors week that took place from June 7-13, giving thanks to Administration for putting the Senior's Week activity schedule on the provincial website, as well as the “Happy Seniors Week” banner outside the Northern Lights Regional Hospital. A further update was provided on fully vaccinated individuals in the 75+ age group, noting that 49.9% of individuals in the Rural area are now fully vaccinated and 53.2% of individuals in the Urban area are fully vaccinated. Further to that, she provided feedback on the Franklin and Main Park noting that the name of the park is Kiyām Community Park, a Cree and Michif word meaning “Let It Be”, construction has started and hoping to be finalized in fall of 2021.

Carol Theberge, Committee Member, noted the Wood Buffalo Health Advisory Committee commitments and priorities for 2021-2023 have been drafted with the four priorities being; Addiction and Mental Health, Seniors and Continuing Care, Rural Health and Public Health.

Henry Hunter, Chair, provided an update on seniors living in Rotary House, noting that any individuals who wanted to be vaccinated have now been fully vaccinated. It was also noted that during Seniors Week, the Wood Buffalo Housing staff delivered plants to all of the seniors throughout Wood Buffalo Housing.

Linda Mywaart, Committee Member, noted there is a heightened awareness in our community that seniors are receiving help and although things take time, there is a difference being made for Seniors.