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Administrative Update re: Age- Friendly Work Plan


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May 13, 2021 9:00 AM  Advisory Committee on Aging Meeting
draft Draft

Deanne Bergey, Director, Community and Protective Services, noted that the Age Friendly Work Plan will be presented to Council at their May 25, 2021 meeting. It was indicated that the bylaw amendment will be presented for first reading, with second and third readings being presented at the June 8, 2021 Council meeting. It was noted that further changes were made to the Amendment being proposed for Committees Bylaw 17/024 :

a) Section 26, deleting the current wording and replacing it with the following:

The Chief Administrative Officer shall ensure that adequate administrative support is provided to the Committee for their scheduled meetings.

b) Section 27, adding the following words:

“Adequate administrative support” is to be determined solely by the Chief Administrative Officer. Committees shall not direct or otherwise delegate Committee functions to Municipal staff. Municipal staff shall consider suggestions and recommendations from Committees with respect to implementation strategies, in keeping with the Committee's Mandate and within Council approved budgets.

a) Appendix A - Advisory Committee on Aging. Appendix A is amended by deleting the content of the current "Membership" section and replacing it with the following:


Up to 9 Members, with one from each of the following six organizations: 1 - Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Council 1 - Wood Buffalo Housing and Development Corporation 1 - Alberta Health Services 1 - Golden Years Society Board 1 - Wood Buffalo Senior Resource Committee 1 - St. Aidan’s House Society

And up to 3 Members as "Seniors-at-Large". Membership in this category will be comprised of 1 rural community representative, 1 urban service area representative and 1 Indigenous representative. Members in this category should consider themselves as "senior". If there are insufficient applicants in this category, Council may appoint one or more alternate seniors-at-large from any of the three representative groups.

Following review of the proposed amendment, it was suggested that the following wording be added to the end of the wording proposed for section 27.

"Within approved budgets and departmental day-to-day operations. This is intended to clarify the relationship between Committees and Administration and does not otherwise diminish the mandate of Committees or their responsibility to bring forward recommendations to Council.”

It was further suggested that the wording "Municipal staff shall consider suggestions and recommendations" be revised to "Municipal staff shall consider suggestions and ideas".

It was agreed that once the wording has been inserted in to the document the updated document will be provided to the Committee via email.