Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo


Sanitary Sewer Backwater Prevention Program Policy OPE-050 Amendment


Department:Environmental ServicesSponsors:


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  2. 1. Policy OPE-050 (This file has not yet been converted to a viewable format)
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THAT the amended Sanitary Sewer Backwater Prevention Program Council Policy OPE-050, as outlined in Attachment 1, be approved; and

THAT no further budget be allocated at this time and should there be a requirement for further funding, a request be brought forward to Council once the current budget funds have been exhausted.

Meeting History

May 11, 2021 12:00 PM Video Council Meeting

Antoine Rempp, Director, Environmental Services, provided an overview of the proposed amendment to the Sanitary Sewer Backwater Preventer Council Policy OPE-050 which would expand the program eligibility criteria to residents who have entered into a tax repayment plan and are in good standing.

MOVER:Verna Murphy, Councillor
SECONDER:Jeff Peddle, Councillor
FOR:Don Scott, Mike Allen, Krista Balsom, Bruce Inglis, Sheila Lalonde, Keith McGrath, Phil Meagher, Verna Murphy, Jeff Peddle, Jane Stroud
ABSENT:Claris Voyageur