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Meeting History

Feb 13, 2020 8:00 AM  Advisory Committee on Aging Meeting

Chair Linda Mywaart, Rural-at-Large, reported that the presentation to Council on February 11, 2020 regarding the Rent Supplement Program was very well received, and noted that Council voted unanimously to send a letter to the Minister of Seniors and Housing regarding the review process and to request a meeting with the Minister during the upcoming Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) Spring Convention.

Henry Hunter, Wood Buffalo Housing & Development Corporation, noted that the focus remains on the changes to the Rent Supplement Program as this affects other residents in addition to the seniors.

Joan Furber, Golden Years Society, reported that the lighting in their building was recently upgraded and planning for work on the kitchen is underway. The new bus will soon have a bus wrap designed to incorporate senior’s activities around the Municipality.


Joan Furber exited the meeting at 3:13 p.m.

Ingrid Blasius, Seniors Resource Centre, noted that a representative from the Transit Department was at their last meeting to hear their concerns with the SMART Bus and is expected to report back to a future meeting. The YMCA is finalizing details for digital literacy workshops in March for seniors.

Councillor Keith McGrath noted that Council is intending to meet with the Government of Alberta during the RMA Spring Convention regarding the Rent Supplement Program and suggested that Henry Hunter may wish to participate.

Action Items

· Matthew Hough will review the crossing lights at Willow Square before the facility is open.

· Deanne Bergey will provide an update on the facility assessment reports at the next meeting.

· Councillor Keith McGrath requested that Committee Members provide him with any key items for Council to consider in the Strategic Plan Review.

· Deanne Bergey to invite other members of Administration to meetings where input is required for the Age Friendly Work Plan review.

· Melissa Williams will find out the necessary steps for an age-friendly designation from the Government of Alberta.

· Melissa Williams will arrange for the Committee Member bios on the website to be updated.