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Rural Water & Sewer Servicing - Residents' Contributions




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THAT Administration be directed to undertake a lot by lot assessment in Janvier, Conklin, Saprae Creek Estates, Gregoire Lake Estates and Anzac; and

THAT Administration bring forward a plan and funding request (based on the results of the assessment) specific to on-site service connections prior to the proposed 2020 budget workshops that includes the following elements:

·         Municipality fund the entire installation of on-site service connections from lot lines to residential homes for existing residents served by the new system

·         The funding program be available to existing residents for a five-year period

·         Residents who are served by the new RWSS system be required to hire their own certified contractor to complete the on-site service connection

·         Existing residents served by the new Rural Water and Sewer Servicing system be asked for $16,000 ($10,000 in Saprae Creek) as service connection fee

·         A long-term payment option for the service connection fee


Meeting History

Nov 27, 2018 6:00 PM Video Council Meeting

Matthew Hough, Director, Engineering, spoke to the report and recommendation before Council for consideration.

Michelle Hondl, resident of Draper, raised concerns that the community of Draper is not included in the recommendation.

Jeffrey O'Donnell, Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee accompanied with Ernie Desjarlais, raised a number of questions for Administration.

Exit and Return

Councillor K. McGrath exited the Chamber at 6:52 p.m. and returned at 6:54 p.m.

Nicole Gardner, Anzac Willow Lake Community Association, spoke in favour of the recommendation and raised questions of clarification for Administration.

Councillor P. Meagher consented to his motion including Draper in the undertaking a lot by lot assessment.

MOVER:Phil Meagher, Councillor
SECONDER:Jane Stroud, Councillor
FOR:Don Scott, Mike Allen, Krista Balsom, Sheila Lalonde, Keith McGrath, Phil Meagher, Verna Murphy, Jeff Peddle, Jane Stroud
ABSENT:Bruce Inglis, Claris Voyageur